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Safe and happy holidays? Survey to facilitate disclosures



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A key part of keeping children safe is to know them well - their concerns and worries (at home and school), but of course also what they love and what makes them happy.

That's why we made this form (PDF version / Google Form - only for school accounts) to help you review with children and young people what happened over the break (works well after Christmas, Easter or Summer) and to prepare for the term ahead.

This isn't just a safeguarding tool, but will of course help with behavioural and teaching & learning issues by informing teachers about the children in their care.

While we might instinctively shy away from anything that could encourage a raft of disclosures in the first week of term, it is of course so important and we know that many children and young people struggle during holidays for a variety of reasons, so hopefully this will help our children and young people - as well, of course, help teachers/tutors get to know their classes better (and not just share hard times, but fun and interests too).

Click one of the buttons above to download a printout or copy the online form.

* If you are not the DSL, please do not use this without talking to them first *

* Do not use the Google Form on a private account, when you click it it will ask to make a copy into your account - only do so with a school-linked Google Workspace/ G Suite account so child data and potential disclosures are secure and check with the DSL who should be able to access this *

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