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Safe Post-Lockdown

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Have your pupils/students thrived and stayed safe during the latest lockdown? Is there anything they need to disclose? Or issues that will affect their mental health or learning at school? Are you sure? As school buildings begin to welcome those back who haven’t been in for months, take the opportunity to find out how safe and happy they were in lockdown.

Click me to download – don’t print this image as it’s lower resolution

Either click the poster to download get a high-res version to print or share, or for G Suite users, here is a Google form version (it makes a copy to your domain so we don’t see any data, but only do it if you are logged into your school G Suite, not a personal account).

Please check with your DSL (if that’s not you) before you use the survey and be sure you know how you will handle disclosures in line with school policy (good time to remind staff, students and parents?). And remember children and young people haven’t had the same opportunities to reach out for help during lockdown, so why not give it a try!

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