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Online Tutors – Keeping Children Safe

Guidance for Parents & Carers

Every year, private tutors help children catch up with missed work or address area they are struggling in, or with extra-curricular activities. Lockdown has led to major growth in this area, especially online, and this is expected to continue with further bubble and school closures.

A tutor might be employed by a school, the government National Tutoring Programme, or parents searching online or taking recommendations. But anyone can become a tutor, so what do you need to do so your children can learn and stay safe?

We have put together this poster to help parents and carers know what they can do, ask and check to keep their children safe against a background of rising online abuse during lockdown. Parents may have justified concerns and feel ill-equipped to check, but with a few simple steps, they can play an important role and have peace of mind.

Download the poster by clicking on the link and feel free to share it widely to equip and empower parents and carers to help keep children safe as they learn online.

NB for schools – much of this information is also covered in our template policies and AUPs for all school community stakeholders. You can download and adapt these from

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