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Your Toolkit for Anti-Bullying Week 2020… and Beyond!

This year’s Anti-Bullying week runs from 16th-20th November. It’s a great opportunity to ensure you have everything in place to address bullying in line with Ofsted and the new RSHE guidance – so follow our 3 simple steps below and you’re ready to go.

STEP 1 – ASSESS YOUR POLICY & PRACTICE: To identify gaps, you will need to know whether pupils feel safe, if there are any barriers to reporting, how effective procedures are and if wider policies are up-to-date and joined up.

Top Tip Start your next staff briefing with our 5 minute cpd Spotlight on Bullying video with stimulus/discussion questions to help:

Bullying – do we take the small things seriously enough?
Picking up on things which ‘might be nothing’, may stop them escalating. What do we teach about online sharing, banter and snitching?

STEP 2 – REVIEW YOUR CURRICULUM: Your policies should be supported by a broad, holistic and progressive curriculum. So we’ve collated age-appropriate resources by us, the Anti-Bullying Alliance and other leading organisations for you to use across subjects, in assemblies and circle time.

Top TipAssess pupil understanding with our RSHE Online Safety Quiz:

Bullying and online safety scenarios plus feedback to promote class discussion

STEP 3 – COMMUNICATE WITH PARENTS & CARERS: Do they know what to do if they have a concern? Visit for great ideas to raise awareness around bullying and healthy online relationships.

Top TipWhy not run a parent session and show the new Bedtime Stories Chapter Two videos?

Aimed at protecting children from cyberbullying and harmful online content, these powerful videos alert parents/carers to the types of things they could be experiencing online.

Happy planning – Remember this is NOT just about Anti-Bullying Week

  • The new RSHE curriculum advocates pupils are taught about respectful behaviour, the effects of online actions, and how to respond/seek help
  • Ofsted will evaluate the extent to which “leaders, teachers and learners create an environment where bullying, peer-on-peer abuse or discrimination are not tolerated…  staff deal with issues quickly and effectively.”

If you need further support, LGfL’s DigiSafe team are running online training FREE for all schools:

Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied” – Barack Obama

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