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Parents – what are your children going to do on their devices during the summer holidays?

If you are joining us now on Facebook Live, see below for links to what we are looking at. If you weren’t with us, hopefully it will still be a useful reference guide. Obviously in the limited time it isn’t possible to cover everything.

There is more at (but that page is more for schools to use for sharing individual items rather than the whole page). Parents why not follow @LGfLDigiSafe on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to this blog.

This is the video we watched – what might your children plan to do but not tell you about? Don’t make the answer to punish them or take away devices though as they will be even less likely to tell you.

Here’s are some of the other resources we looked at:

Jessie and Friends (the funny feeling in your tummy video)

Parental controls and settings across all home wifi systems, mobile operators, games and social media sites from Internet Matters.

So our top tip is – don’t let your kids always play games with headphones. It might be annoying to hear, but it may be worth it, even if only now and again.

The survey we mentioned can be found at – that’s where the statistics on children wanting to talk more to their parents about online safety came from.

For all the apps we mentioned (NSPCC for apps, Pantosaurus, app finder, Internet Matters etc), head to And for the Parent v Kid quiz, go to

You may want to read this from the BBC – BBC News – ‘My son spent £3,160 in one game’

Internet Matters parental control guides for all home wifi and mobile providers, plus games consoles and more:

Why not look at some of the videos you can find at

For screen time and family agreement resources see

We will tidy up this blog a bit more later but meanwhile, if you need help during the holidays, you can always call the O2/NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5002 for free, Mon – Fri 9am – 7pm. –

If you’re worried about a police matter, call the police. And if it’s an adult approaching a child online, go to CEOP.

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